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What are the Side Effects of Hearing Aids?

Hearing loss affects the overall quality of your life. You don’t need a study to know that if you are currently experiencing hearing loss to any degree. Just imagine being able to hear again more more clarity and without having to strain to catch what people are saying! Recent research into the benefits of auditory […]

Which Hearing Aid Battery Lasts Longest?

It should be useful for anyone who uses hearing aids to know which of these devices have the longest battery life, as you will likely want to avoid having to change those batteries more frequently than absolutely necessary. There’s the expense of changing batteries to consider, as well as the inconvenience of making these changes, […]

The Best Batteries for Hearing Aids

Your hearing aid is absolutely vital to your daily life. You could buy an excellent hearing aid with all the latest tech that’s designed to meet your specific needs, but it won’t be much use without a functional battery. That’s why it’s important to invest in batteries that will work now and last for a […]