April 12, 2024

"Technician was very knowledgeable and experienced and explained to me in a way I could understand how to use operate and maintain my new hearing aids"
April 10, 2024

"Appointments are easy to schedule. Staff is knowledgeable and professional."
April 4, 2024

"On time, very professional, made me feel comfortable. Explained everything so I could understand."
April 3, 2024

"Very competent and professional!"
April 3, 2024

"I had a very pleasant experience with Harbor Audiology.... everyone was very nice and friendly and my doctor was very knowledgeable about what I am going through..... thank you so much for figuring out what I am going through."
April 2, 2024

"Very thorough and eased the tension regarding the testing procedures. Great staff. Very friendly."
Harbor Audiology