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Close-up Of A Hearing Aid On Person;s PalmHaving your hearing aid breakdown can be a frustrating situation. Luckily, we here at Harbor Audiology in Gig Harbor and Tacoma want you to know that there are many instances when you can repair your hearing aid rather than getting a new one.

No matter what type of hearing aid you have, there are many repairs you can complete at home to get your hearing aid functioning again. Here are some simple repairs you can perform at home:

  • Cleaning your hearing aid
  • Replacing the battery
  • Replacing the wax filter
  • Repairing the battery door
  • Checking the input settings
  • Reinserting your hearing aid into your ear
You can avoid many common problems by scheduling routine maintenance visits and keeping your hearing aid clean. However, there are instances when your hearing aid may be damaged beyond repair, such as:

  • There is extensive damage
  • Your hearing aid has been repaired multiple times
  • Your device is more than 5 years old
  • Your health has changed
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