Additional Hearing Products

treating hear lossMany people are under the impression that Presbycusis, or hearing loss that is caused by the natural aging process is the most common way people lose their hearing. However, hearing loss that is caused by exposure to loud sounds over a long period of time (noise-induced hearing loss or NIHL) is now the most common way peole lose their hearing.

Exposure to noises over 85 decibels damage the hair cells in your inner ear, leading to hearing damage. NIHL is cumulative and it is permanent. Fortunately, with the help of certain products, you can prevent it.

At Harbor Audiology and Hearing Services, we don’t just treat hearing loss, we want to help you prevent it! We offer many options for custom hearing protection to help you preserve your hearing.

  • Swim plugs
    If you suffer from ear infections frequently, try our custom silicone-made swim plugs to prevent water from getting in your ears. These ear plugs also float, so you can find them easily, should they fall out of your ears.
  • Musician’s earplugs
    These are great for performers and anyone who attends their concerts, too. These plugs are designed to preserve clarity and sound quality by providing a flat reduction in sound.
  • Industrial hearing protection
    These products are designed to protect your ears in light to medium noise situations without sacrificing face-to-face communication in high-noise industrial environments.
  • Recreational plugs – These custom-made plugs are designed to allow shooters, joggers, motorcyclists, surfers, race car drivers, skiers, and anyone else who might encounter damaging noise while they do what they love. No matter what your passion may be, we have a plug for you!
  • Frequency-filtering plugs
    These are ideal for recording engineers because they reduce sound with the ability to manipulate the frequency spectrum in recording and mixing.
  • Sleeping earplugs
    Designed to help you achieve comfortable, uninterrupted sleep. Blocks out street noise and snoring, too!
  • In-ear stage or audio monitors
    These devices work with an audio system, allowing performers can hear without ambient sound.
  • Custom MP3/iPod molds
    Attach these devices to your existing headphones, and you can listen to your music clearly, preserving sound quality without damaging your hearing.
  • Profession-specific molds (i.e. Newscaster, Pilot, etc.)
    This product can be designed specifically to work with headsets, stethoscopes, teleprompters and more, depending on your career needs.

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