Widex Hearing Aids

We are all exposed to a wide range of different sounds and at different levels. If you’re experiencing hearing loss, it’s important to have a hearing aid that helps you hear softer sounds, at the same time making sure that louder sounds are not uncomfortable.

Widex Sound allows you to hear a full spectrum of sounds – from background noise to whispers to voices in a crowd. At Harbor Audiology, we can help find the right Widex Hearing Aid for you and your lifestyle.

Widex Moment

The revolutionary WIDEX MOMENT™ has changed the game by delivering the purest, natural sound ever. Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid reaches the eardrum later than sound heard directly through its vents. When these two ‘out of sync’ signals mix, they create an artificial sound. Through industry-leading ZeroDelay™ technology, WIDEX MOMENT™ eliminates this delay—and the distortion it creates.

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Widex Evoke

This hearing aid evolves in real life to keep getting smarter. Interactive options help you intuitively shape your listening experience, putting you in full control if you want to be.

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Widex Cros

Superb sound quality, and no echoes or distortion – this makes WIDEX CROS particularly good for hearing speech. By wirelessly transmitting sound from the deaf ear to the better ear, CROS reduces the head shadow effect, thereby diminishing the detrimental effects.

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Widex Beyond

With the Beyond hearing aid, you can enjoy all that life has to offer. Beyond has iPhone and Android apps that allow the wearer to adjust settings for listening preferences, or when your environment changes – from the office to the restaurant to family outings.

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