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If you’re looking for a reputable, reliable provider and servicer of auditory aids in the Port Angeles area, look no further than Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services Inc. We’ll make sure you get the products you need and the therapies that are right for you, to maintain your auditory health and your quality of life.

About Us

Our Port Angeles team of audiologists is always ready and waiting to help manage any concerns you might have with your capacity to hear, and our company philosophy consists of a patient-centric approach that customizes service to the needs of our patients. Every service we offer revolves around the needs of our patients and their specific circumstances. Right from the moment you walk into our clinic, we will begin evaluating your auditory health based on input we get from you, as well as our own professional experience.

We’ll use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to evaluate your current situation, and then we’ll discuss that with you, so you’re fully aware of it all. When we have pinpointed the cause of any audiological issues you have, we’ll be able to recommend a program of treatment, which may or may not include implementation of an auditory aid. If it makes sense in your situation, we’ll help you to find a device which is exactly right for you so that you can enjoy a better quality of life.

Your input is very valuable to us, because only you can tell us which situations present the biggest challenges to you. It may be that you have difficulty in crowds, or your biggest challenge might be perceiving sounds either at the low end or the high end of frequencies.

Our audiologists have all been well trained in seeking out root causes for audiological loss or impairment, so they will be well prepared to deal with whatever your situation might be. If you live somewhere in the Port Angeles community, we welcome you to come take advantage of our top-notch audiology services, and to get to know our highly skilled audiology team.

Hearing Aid Services

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The services we provide at our Port Angeles facility are all tailored to the individual, because we recognize that everyone who comes to us has their own specific set of circumstances, especially with regard to their capability to hear. The first part of our service will consist of just talking and listening to what you have to tell us, so we can be aware of what you’re going through, and what kind of impairment or loss you may be experiencing. We use our ears to help find out what may be wrong with yours.

After we have received your input and we have an idea about the kind of issues you’re facing, we’ll use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to help evaluate exactly what your situation is. Whether you are three years old or 93, we will deliver the same kind of comprehensive service to pinpoint exactly what is causing you difficulty, before we make any kind of recommendations whatsoever.

We will then discuss the results of our tests and evaluations with you, so you can be aware of our findings, and so you can understand what your present situation is. After that, if it turns out that a device might help restore auditory loss that you have sustained, we will work with you to find exactly the right device for your budget and your lifestyle. We will also do our best to help educate you so that you don’t expose yourself to any situations in the future which could continue to degrade your capacity to hear.

Another aspect of education which will be useful to you is the care and preservation of your audiological device, including regular maintenance, and if necessary, repair work which we can handle for you. We make a point of providing cheerful and caring service from the moment you walk in the door at our Port Angeles clinic, and that service never ends while you remain in contact with us.

Hearing Aids

There is a wider variety of options with regard to auditory prosthesis’ today than ever before. During the last 10 years or so, some tremendous advances have been made in audiological prosthesis technology, so they have become much more sophisticated and much more capable. If it turns out that an auditory aid is recommended for you, so as to restore some degree of auditory loss, you won’t have to be self-conscious about some large or bulky device which is easily observable to everyone you meet in public.

Hearing aids of today can be much smaller and more subtle, while still being extremely capable and even much more reliable than those units of the past. In the past, many people had difficulty replacing the tiny batteries which are necessary to power devices, especially older people who have difficulty with dexterity. This is no longer an issue with some newer models of audiological devices, because they are easily rechargeable, so that no high level of dexterity is required.

You also won’t have to be embarrassed about the battery’s beeper going off to let you know that power is running low. In addition to some of the modern audiological aids being rechargeable, some are also connectable with your Android or iPhone device. This will open up a world of benefits to you, especially if you typically have difficulty with ability to hear someone on the phone. At your option, you could download a specific app which allows you to adjust your device for different environments you might be in.

As one example, you could have your device adjusted in a noisy crowd, so that you can reduce the level of background noise, and make it much easier to hear the voices of friends you’re with. It will also allow you to have sound streamed in from your television directly to your aid, so that you get a much better connection. Hearing aids of today are much more capable, and far less noticeable, so if you’re obliged to wear one, it can provide some tremendous benefits to you.

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