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treating hear lossAt Harbor Audiology, we’ve been serving patients in the Gig Harbor, Tacoma, Silverdale, Lakewood, Port Orchard, Vancouver, Sequim, Port Angeles & Puyallup, Washington area with comprehensive hearing health care since 1998 including hearing evaluations and fitting patients with hearing aids. Hearing loss is becoming more prevalent. This isn’t just a problem for the elderly – hearing loss affects all ages and in different ways. We offer a variety of testing methods to find a solution to your unique hearing needs.

In an effort to best identify the presence, extent and location of hearing loss, we begin by having you fill out a medical and hearing loss case history questionnaire. After we discuss your hearing and communication challenges through an in-depth consultation, we perform a series of tests, including:

  • OAEs
    Objective diagnostic testing for evaluating the health of the cochlea’s (inner ear) outer hair cells. This test is great for our pediatric patients who cannot complete a traditional hearing test
  • Tympanometry
    This diagnostic test shows the doctors how your middle ear is working, and whether the symptoms you’re experiencing might be able to be solved through medical intervention
  • Acoustic Reflex/Decay
    This diagnostic test is used when the doctors suspect certain pathologies that can affect the way sound travels through the auditory pathway.
  • Speech in Noise
    Determines how background noise interferes with your hearing. People who suffer from hearing loss often complain about difficulty with background noise, so these evaluations are especially important. These test can be completed with and without hearing aids to show the overall benefit of the instrument’s noise reducing programs.
  • Real-time instrument programming
    A test that allows us to “visualize” the sound that is actually reaching your ear drums through your hearing aids. This is a visual tool that allows Audiologists to “see” what sounds you’re missing.
  • VNG
    This comprehensive test allows your audiologist to help in the diagnosis of balance disorders. Your audiologist will often combine a hearing evaluation with this test to give a complete view of the inner ear’s functionality.
  • Industrials
    Quick hearing screeings and OSHA approved hearing conservation education.
  • Custom made ear plugs for many different applications:
    Sleep plugs, frequency response preserving plugs for musicians, solid plugs for construction and heavy equipment operations.

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We will go through an in-depth analysis of your test results with you to find a solution that best suits your needs, even if that solution is providing you with a hearing aid. We are passionate about providing you with comprehensive audiology services and complete care to improve your hearing and your quality of life.

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What is a Diagnostic Hearing Test?

    • A Diagnostic Hearing Test, also known as an audiological evaluation, is a comprehensive assessment of your hearing ability. It involves a series of tests and evaluations to determine the extent and nature of your hearing loss or any other hearing-related issues.

Why do I need a Diagnostic Hearing Test?

    • A Diagnostic Hearing Test is necessary to identify the cause and degree of your hearing loss or to diagnose any underlying ear-related conditions. It serves as the first step in developing an appropriate treatment plan, which may include hearing aids, medical treatment, or other interventions.

What can I expect during a Diagnostic Hearing Test?

    • During a Diagnostic Hearing Test, you can expect a variety of assessments, including pure-tone audiometry, speech audiometry, impedance testing, and otoscopy. These tests will help audiologists determine the type and severity of your hearing impairment.

Is a Diagnostic Hearing Test painful or uncomfortable?

    • No, a Diagnostic Hearing Test is non-invasive and painless. The tests typically involve listening to sounds or speech through headphones and having your ears examined using specialized equipment. There is no physical discomfort associated with the testing process.

How long does a Diagnostic Hearing Test take, and when will I receive the results?

    • The duration of a Diagnostic Hearing Test can vary, but it usually takes around 30-60 minutes. The results are often available immediately after the test, and your audiologist will discuss them with you, explaining your hearing profile and any recommended treatments or interventions.

Remember that if you have concerns about your hearing or are experiencing hearing difficulties, it’s essential to schedule a Diagnostic Hearing Test to address any potential issues and receive appropriate guidance.