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From our Sequim location, Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services Inc. is able to provide customers with a complete range of auditory aid products and therapy services. Visit us today and let us give you the personal, individualized attention you deserve.

About Us

At Harbor Audiology, we recognize how important your capacity to hear is to you, which is why we go to great lengths to find out exactly what kind of challenges you are facing. It may be that you have difficulty in crowds, or that you have trouble filtering out background noise so you can hear a nearby speaker, but whatever kinds of situations present the most difficulty for you, we’ll discover them, and we can prepare a treatment plan which will help you manage those situations effectively.

Hearing Aid Services

The best service we can offer to our patients is to offer our full attention and dedication to each patient. This is why we will give you personalized attention, and listen to what is troubling you. Sometimes a description of the issue by a patient is more revealing than somes diagnostic tests might be, and we make sure to fully understand what you are telling us about your issues, before moving forward with appropriate testing. When we combine that information with the data from these diagnostic tests, we can be sure that we’re on the right track, and that we’ll be able to develop a very effective plan for managing any kind of auditory loss you may be experiencing.

Hearing Aids

We carry auditory devices that we have tested and stand behind, so you can be sure that when we recommend a model or style to you that it represents the best fit for your needs as well as your budget. All of our recommendations are made with your best health and comfort in mind, and we will never recommend something which is more than you need to restore your good auditory health, just so we can make a sale. Your auditory health is much more important to us than that, and we are concerned about your long-term wellness rather than any short-term sale of a particular device.

If you are in or near the Sequim area, and are having trouble with your capacity to hear, stop by our office today! You will receive personalized attention and care, and the recommendations that we make will be with your best interests at heart.

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At Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services Inc., we’re dedicated to each of our patients. Let us give you the personalized attention you deserve and make sure you’re outfitted with the right auditory aid products for you. Stop by and visit our Sequim location today!

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