Which Hearing Aid Battery Lasts Longest?

Reviewed by Dr. Porter on May 21, 2020

It should be useful for anyone who uses hearing aids to know which of these devices have the longest battery life, as you will likely want to avoid having to change those batteries more frequently than absolutely necessary. There’s the expense of changing batteries to consider, as well as the inconvenience of making these changes, which can be difficult if you’re not as dexterous as you once were.

While you should not choose an auditory aid based solely on its battery life, it should at least be a consideration when you’re choosing a style of aid that will work best for you.

What Hearing Aid Batteries Have the Longest Life?

There are two basic categories of batteries that power most auditory aid devices today, and those are replaceable and rechargeable.

The advantage of rechargeable options is that you don’t have to keep buying more for your auditory aid, and the advantage of replaceable options is that you are not obliged to go through the process of recharging them when they run low.

It’s often a matter of personal preference as to which type you prefer, and the discussion below will consider how long each of these two types can be expected to last.

Hearing Aids with Replaceable Batteries

In a recent broad laboratory test conducted on several of the most popular brands of replaceable power cells, it was determined which ones had the longest battery life, and continued performing at a high level the longest. Power cell sizes are different between auditory aid devices, and these sizes beginning with the largest and proceeding to the smallest size, are 675, 13, 312, 10, and 5.

These are found in most of today’s best and most capable aids, including those offered by Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services.

For the larger 675, the top performer was the Duracell, and for the size 13, the leader was a battery manufactured by Renata. Duracell’s was again the best performer in the 312 size tested, and the longest-lasting size 10 was made by Rayovac.

Some manufacturers, like the Duracell size 13 battery, are made available to the public in ‘value size’ packages which might contain as many as 80, and should last for at least several months before needing replenishment.

Other options come with an EasyTab, which allows for easy replacement, for those who have limited hand dexterity or mobility. Some like the Duracell size 10 battery, are also sold in a protective case which will keep them from becoming loose and getting lost somehow.

Others, such as the Rayovac 312, also come with a shelf life of several years, so they can be safely stored for a long period of time before being used.

Which Hearing Aid Battery Lasts Longest - Battery Sizes

Hearing Aids with Rechargeable Batteries

For those seeking a more sustainable and convenient power solution, rechargeable hearing aid batteries offer a compelling alternative. With advancements in technology, rechargeable batteries have become increasingly popular due to their eco-friendly nature and ease of use. Rather than constantly purchasing and disposing of disposable batteries, users can simply recharge their hearing aids overnight, ensuring they start each day with a full charge.

One notable benefit of rechargeable batteries is their longevity. While the lifespan of rechargeable batteries varies depending on factors such as usage patterns and charging habits, many users report that a single charge can last an entire day or more, providing uninterrupted hearing assistance. Additionally, some rechargeable hearing aids come with innovative features such as rapid charging capabilities, allowing users to quickly top up their battery levels in a pinch. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect further improvements in rechargeable battery life and performance, making them an attractive option for individuals seeking hassle-free hearing solutions.

Which Hearing Aid Battery Lasts Longest - Brands & Sizes

Make Sure Your Auditory Device Match the Quality of Your Batteries

At Harbor Audiology, we offer an extremely wide range of auditory aids, so we can be sure we will have one which fits your exact needs as well as your particular budget. The devices we offer are made by what we believe to be the best manufacturers in the industry, so any one of them will be a high-quality solution to your auditory needs.

Contact us today for an initial consultation, and let us help to you restore your hearing so that you can enjoy all the different sounds of the world again.

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