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The Harbor Audiology Bainbridge Island location has been consolidated. Please visit the Silverdale location instead.

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Supporting our community

As a small business in Bainbridge Island, we want to do our part and support our local community. During our New Location Grand Opening Event, for each hearing screening conducted, we will make a charitable donation to the Bainbridge Island Community Response Fund on your behalf.

The Bainbridge Island Foundation’s Community Response Fund provides limited financial resources to nonprofit organizations for urgent health and human service needs on Bainbridge Island, especially during times of economic hardship, human, or natural disaster. COVID-19 is one of those times.

Hearing Aid Batteries

Regardless of the kind of batteries you use, rechargeable or standard, auditory aids are becoming powerful and smaller. The type of batteries you use will depend on your auditory aid size and style. At Harbor Audiology in Bainbridge Island, we provide different sizes and styles of batteries and hearing and audiology services.

Hearing Aid Repair Services

Instead of spending a lot of money buying new auditory aids, let us repair your devices. We have a team of technicians who assess and repair your auditory aids within a few days. All you will need to do is send us your auditory aids, and our technicians will fix them.

Hearing Aid Solutions

Hearing Aids

Your preferences and needs are very different from those of other people. With advancements made in auditory aids, there is no reason for you or your family members not to connect with people around them. We provide modern-day and advanced auditory aids that suit your lifestyle needs, auditory loss requirements, and budget.

hearing aids

Hearing Aid Styles

Thanks to technology, most of today’s auditory aids are innovative, sleek, and compact. At Harbor Audiology, we offer a wide range of auditory aid styles, which include:

  • Receiver In-The-Ear (RITE)
  • Behind-The-Ear (BTE)
  • In-The-Ear (ITE)
  • In-The-Canal (ITC)
  • In-The-Canal (CIC)

Digital Hearing Aid Technology

Over the past decades, auditory aid technology has evolved to provide better auditory experiences to patients with these problems. The most common features that are always being improved include the microphone, power source, receiver, and processor. Our expert audiologists use digital technology to enhance speech understanding and lessen background sounds.

Cell Phone & Hearing Aid Technology

Cell phones help people with auditory loss in various aspects of their lives. However, these cell phones do sometimes sound fuzzy, especially for patients with severe auditory loss. Therefore, before you buy an auditory aid compatible phone or an add-on device that makes calls sound clearer, you must consult our expert audiologists.

Hearing Aids

Oticon Logo


Oticon produces a full range of auditory aid models. Their auditory devices use the latest technology to help you hear other people’s speeches, even in noisy environments. Some of their auditory aid devices include :

  • OPN S
  • Siya
  • Ruby
  • Xceed
  • Alta
  • Ria
  • OPN

Contact us today if you wish to use any hearing devices from Oticon.

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Phonak Logo

Phonak Hearing Aids

Founded in 1947, Phonak has become the leading auditory aid brand. Phonak is known for its innovative and technologically advanced products such as:

  • Lyric
  • Virto B-Titanium
  • Audéo™ Marvel
  • Naída
  • Sky B
  • Cros B

If you wish to use these devices, visit our offices so our audiologist can access your condition and determine the best device for you.

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Signia Logo

Signia Hearing Aids

Signia auditory aids let you experience crystal-clear sounds regardless of your surroundings. Some of their latest innovations that we recommend for our patients, after evaluation, include:

  • Pure Charge & Go X
  • Styletto Connect
  • Silk Nx
  • Insio Nx ITC/ITE

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Starkey Logo

Starkey Hearing Aids

Founded in 1967 by William F. Austin, Starkey Hearing Aids invested in research and innovation to develop some of the best hearing devices. Some of their products include:

  • Livio AI
  • Picasso
  • SoundLens Synergy iQ

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Unitron Logo


For over 50 years, Unitron has manufactured a broad selection of hearing aids for different budgets. Here are some of their product designs:

  • Moxi Jump R T
  • Moxi Jump R
  • Moxi Fit
  • Stride P R
  • Moxi Now
  • Max
  • Insera

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Widex Logo

Widex Hearing Aids

Widex has been producing weather-resistant auditory aids since 1956. The company only sells its products to health care professionals and audiologists. That is why you need to contact us whenever you are looking for the best auditory aids for your condition.

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Hearing Therapy

Hearing Protection

When you cannot control the noise around you, you must wear auditory protection. There are several auditory protection options that you can get at Harbor Audiology in Bainbridge Island. They include:

  • Swim Molds
  • Custom Ear Molds
  • Sound Plugs
  • Musician Plugs

Tinnitus Diagnosis and Treatment

Are you wondering why you are experiencing hissing, clicking, chirping, and even roaring sounds in your ears? Well, it is a condition known as tinnitus. Although you perceive this condition in your ears, it usually happens in your brain. You need an ear specialist for a detailed examination.

Feel free to schedule an appointment with our audiologists at Harbor Audiology in Bainbridge Island for hearing evaluation. Do not suffer in silence.