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Looking for a audilogical prosthesis provider in Silverdale that’s able to furnish you with auditory aid services and audiological therapies? At Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services Inc., we’ll make sure every product or therapy is customized for you, serving your auditory health needs.

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Contact Harbor Audiology today to speak with a hearing care professional who will talk you through your choices and help you find the right hearing aid or solution. Our audiologists are experts in their field and can quickly test, assess, and make appropriate recommendations for your hearing condition. Click here to contact us online or call directly at (253) 999-9649.



Built on the foundation of Organic Hearing™ Resound hearing aids balance nature with science to fit the user’s life instead of the user fitting their life to hearing loss. Resound hearing aids emulate the natural hearing process, helping the brain to hear as it should. This helps the user to focus on conversations and locate sounds all around them, even in noisy environments, using the shape of your ear to collect sound and give you a more natural hearing experience. Resound offers a wide range of hearing aids for different types of hearing loss, along with a full spectrum of options for connectivity and an innovative app that lets you not only control but personalize your hearing experience.

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All of Oticon hearing solutions are based on BrainHearingTM technology that’s designed to help the natural sound function of your brain. Oticon has solutions for all types of hearing loss, ages, and lifestyles via life-changing technology. They design their hearing aid solutions to meet your specific needs and provide you with reliable, discreet, and comfortable options. Oticon is easy to connect too. Send phone calls, TV audio, and music to your hearing aids or link to other computers wirelessly.

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Phonak offers a wide variety of modern hearing aids, with different levels of power and an array of features. Specific solutions are available for those with mild to moderate hearing loss and those with more serious hearing loss. Models include rechargeable and bluetooth enabled hearing aids that connect wirelessly to smartphones and TVs.

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With Signia you can own a pair of hearing aids that let you experience the same crystal-clear hearing level wherever you go. You can with Signia thanks to the world’s first acoustic-motion sensors. The game-changing new Signia Xperience hearing aids provide a way to do that and stay completely engaged in life. Such innovative, state-of-the-art technologies mimic the human hearing experience in harmony. They also offer direct phone calls, music, and TV audio streamed via Bluetooth.

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Established in 1967, Starkey Hearing Technologies was the first to implement an in-channel hearing aid and the first personalized, wireless, completely programmable invisible hearing aid. Based in Berkeley, the Starkey Hearing Testing Center tests and studies the latest technologies to upgrade Starkey hearing equipment. With each Starkey hearing aid bought, the Starkey Hearing Foundation donates hearing aids to developing countries; having donated over one million hearing aids to date.

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Unitron is a Canadian maker of hearing aids that has been in business since 1964. They have a proud legacy throughout the industry for excellence and commitment to outstanding product performance. The company takes an adaptive approach to evolving needs and makes reactive changes that embrace technology and customer needs.

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Widex hearing aids have a very impressive overall sound. A typical feature of Widex architecture is the combination of technology with functionality and aesthetics. To Widex, of course, good functionality refers not only to the outside of your hearing aids, but, more importantly, to the inside. Every element of a Widex hearing aid is designed to operate, function, and sound as close to perfection as can be — from the drawing board to the finished product.

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About Us

Our focus is not on selling products, or on trying to provide you with services that may not even be necessary. We realize that everyone who comes through our doors is an individual, and that they will have individual issues and needs. That’s why we take the time to customize any solution to the individual person. That starts with a thorough assessment of what is causing your auditory issue, as well as any factors which may be contributors.

Once we know that, we can consult with you about some potential solutions, so we can be aware of your feelings about possible solutions. Then we’ll work with you to implement a solution which is fully customized to your circumstances, and something that you feel comfortable with. We are known for being a patient-centric facility, and that constitutes a big part of our philosophy and our approach to serving members of the community.

If your hearing has suffered any kind of damage, part of our overall solution will be to rehabilitate it to the greatest extent possible. Where audio loss has occurred, steps will be considered which can restore it successfully. When it’s possible to recover some of that by natural means, we’ll make sure to discuss that with you and consider some options which might be available.

We’ll also advise you on steps which you can take to maintain the best auditory health possible, because once you’ve been educated like this, you’ll be in a much better position to help yourself, and prevent future issues.

Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Aids & Audiologists in Silverdale, Washington
At our Silverdale location, we offer a full range of services related to auditory health and maintenance. Knowing how important capacity to hear is to anyone’s daily life, we provide a comprehensive array of services that are designed to evaluate your current situation, identify any problems or issues, consult with you on possible solutions, and if necessary, we can fit you with an appropriate prosthesis.

We can provide all of our services for both children and adults, although it is more common for adults to have experienced some level of audiological loss than children. Our diagnostic evaluations will help us pinpoint your specific situation with regard to auditory health, and that will give us some indication of how to proceed. If you’ve been experiencing problems with disruptions to your balance, we have state-of-the-art equipment which will help us to assess the problem, so we can recommend a program of treatment. For anyone who has been experiencing symptoms of tinnitus, we are able to provide a service which helps you to cope with that situation, and minimize its impact on your life.

We don’t necessarily recommend a audilogical prosthesis solution for everyone who comes to us, because we realize that every person is an individual, and will have their own specific issues. There are times when our services can evaluate your situation and find a solution which involves rehabilitation and ongoing education. When it is necessary to recommend an aid to restore some level of auditory loss, our service will seek to find the ideal solution for your budget and your current lifestyle.

We will also take the time to show you how to maintain your device in optimal condition, so that you get the most value from it. Because we work with a number of the top audilogical prosthesis manufacturers, we have access to a great many models, and one of these will be an ideal solution for you personally. If you should ever need cleaning or repairs of your aid device, you can walk into our Silverdale location at any time during normal business hours, and receive prompt service.

Hearing Aids

With the advances in technology of auditory aids, they aren’t nearly as noticeable as they used to be, so if you’re self-conscious about the footprint of an audilogical prosthesis, we can help you find a device which is smaller and less noticeable. Hearing prosthesis devices are also much more reliable today than in years past, so you can count on longer life and greater sensitivity, so that you don’t miss out on important sounds in your environment.

For people who have difficulty with dexterity, you might want to take advantage of a rechargeable prosthesis, so that you don’t have to periodically change the very small batteries which power the device. You won’t have to be embarrassed by the beeping sound which happens when a battery gets low on power, and sounds off wherever you might be.

There are also aids available which can connect wirelessly to Android and iPhone devices, and that can provide you with a great many benefits. You’ll be able to hear much better while you’re on the phone, so you won’t have to worry about seeing a speaker’s lips for optimal understanding. You might also want to download an app which helps you to adjust your aid for various circumstances in whatever environment you’re in.

You won’t even have to touch your aid to make any of these adjustments, because the app will help you do them all with voice commands. For instance, at a noisy restaurant you could have background noise reduced or eliminated, so that you can focus on your immediate circle of acquaintances. In the last decade or so, auditory aid technology has surged ahead, and it’s much more sophisticated than ever before. You can take advantage of all these advances in technology by expressing your needs and desires to us at our Silverdale clinic.

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For the best in audilogical prosthesis products and audiology services in Silverdale, the choice is simple: Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services Inc. We’ll give you the personalized attention you deserve and make sure you leave with the products that are perfect for you. Stop by and visit us today!

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