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How to Pair Resound Hearing Aids to Your iPhone

Reviewed by Dr. Porter on November 3, 2022

One of the great advantages of Resound hearing aids is their Bluetooth connectivity. With Resound, you won’t have to strain to hear a telephone conversation over background noise ever again. Resound sends the sound of your iPhone directly into your ear. And pairing your Resound hearing aids with your iPhone is a snap.

Here are the steps.

First, find the Settings icon on your home screen.

Click on it and scroll down to Accessibility. Click on Accessibility and scroll down to Hearing Devices.

Your phone will start searching for your hearing aids. While your iPhone is searching for your hearing aids, open and close the battery doors on each device.

Once your iPhone has found your hearing aids, you should see an R + L in parentheses on your screen. Now click Connect.

Your phone will now prompt you to click on a pair button to pair each of your hearing aids one time.

Now that your Resound hearing aids are paired with your iPhone, you can take phone calls and stream audio even without the app installed on your phone.

But install the app anyway.

Go back to your home screen and click on the App Store.

Once you are in the App Store, search for Resound.

You want to install the Resound Smart 3D App.

Click Get and then Install.

Depending on how you have set up your iPhone, you may have to submit a password or your fingerprint to install the app.
If the app is slow to install, you may want to double check to make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi.

Once the Resound app is installed, click Open. The Welcome menu will appear and invite you to get started. Click Get Started.
You will see a long list of terms and conditions. Once you have scrolled down through this section, click Agree. You can scroll down faster by clicking the down arrow.

Once the app finds your hearing aids, you will have to reboot both devices. Do this by opening and closing the battery window on each hearing aid.

When the app finds your hearing aids, a green check mark will appear on your screen. Click Continue.

Allow Resound Smart 3D to send you notifications. Always allow the app to access your location, so your app can send your localized, personalized notifications at all times.

Now you are all set!

The newer Resound One hearing aids have a feature that is the world’s first:

Resound is the first hearing aid manufacturer ever to place both the microphone and the receiver in the ear. And it has been able to design their hearing aids so putting the microphone and receiver doesn’t cause feedback=.

Resound hearing aids come with a new 28-nanometer chip that gives their hearing aid 200 percent more processing power so it can reduce feedback while placing the receiver naturally inside rather than behind your ear.

Why does this make a difference?
Placing both the receiver and the mic inside your ear duplicates something that hearing specialists call the pinna effect.

Your pinna is part of your ear that you can see. The pinna actually plays an important role in hearing. It boosts some sounds for you, and it helps you identify where sounds are coming from. Audiologists call that effect localization.

Not only do the newer Resound hearing aids help with localization, but they also help you hear over background noise naturally.
When you place the receiver for your hearing aid behind your ear, you don’t get the benefit of the pinna effect. You can hear sound, but you can’t tell where it is coming from.

When you have your receiver with your mic inside your ear, you get the benefits of the pinna effect, enabling you to identify the direction from which a sound is coming to your ear.

Even though other hearing aid manufacturers try to add correction factors to accommodate the loss of the pinna effect, it’s never as good as the real thing. Resound hearing aids allow you to take advantage of the power of your outer ear to help you identify the origins of sound. and to hear lower frequencies even without correction by your hearing aid.

With Resound hearing aids, you will be able to localize sounds better, you will be able to zero in on conversations even when there is background noise, and they will make everything you hear sound more natural.

Placing the receiver inside your ear also allowed Resound to add new retention elements that keep the receiver inside your ear. The new receivers keep a tight grip on domes and prevent domes from falling off inside your ear canal.

One more reason to choose Resound is they look great!

Resound hearing aids used to come in bright red, blues, and camouflage colors. Now they come in 13 shades from sparkling silver to deep black to complement your skin tones. Unlike older hearing aids that have a dull, matte finish, the Resound One line of hearing aids feature slick, beautiful coatings, and a sleek design.

In summary, here’s why we recommend Resound.

Hearing aids aren’t just for making sound louder. Modern hearing aids can help you focus on the conversation, music, or performance you want to hear, blocking out background noise. They can give you a distortion-free connection to your phone or to a microphone for a play, a movie, or a speaker. They eliminate feedback from your phone. They give you a more natural experience of sound in your everyday life.


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