What You Need to Know About CROS and BiCROS Hearing Aid Technology

Reviewed by Dr. Porter on January 2, 2020

Hearing loss affects 60,000 new people every year in the United States, and one in every 1,000 children are born with unilateral hearing loss (UHL)—hearing loss in one ear. Though those statistics may seem staggering, there’s hope thanks to advancements in hearing aid accessories in Tacoma, WA. Two of the best products helping with hearing-impaired individuals are CROS and BiCROS hearing systems. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting hearing aid technology!

CROS hearing aids

CROS hearing aids consist of two in-ear devices: one is a microphone placed in the ear with hearing loss, and the other is a receiver worn in the functioning ear. The microphone picks up sounds from the side with no hearing and sends it to the receiver in the better ear. CROS hearing aids replicate the experience of natural hearing, making it easier to pick up and understand speech in a crowded or noisy environment.

There are still wired CROS systems, but the majority of these custom hearing aids in Tacoma, WA use high-end wireless technology. These newer CROS systems use radio waves to transmit the signals, so there are no wires sticking out from the user’s ears.

BiCROS hearing aids

Where CROS hearing aids only help with UHL, BiCROS products help with hearing in both ears. A BiCROS system has a microphone that picks up sound from the ear with little to no hearing and a receiver in the ear with better hearing. The better ear processes the sounds sent by the microphone and transmits them to the worse ear, which has a traditional hearing aid that amplifies the sound. Again, a BiCROS system makes it easier for those with hearing loss to function in settings that are noisy.

Why choose CROS or BiCROS?

There are certainly plenty of options out there for individuals suffering from UHL and bilateral hearing loss, but we believe CROS and BiCROS systems are some of the best products on the market. Not only are they discreet and comfortable, but they’re also affordable on any budget! Instead of paying thousands of dollars for implants or wasting money on outdated hearing aids that don’t work very well, upgrade to a CROS or BiCROS system that’ll allow you to hear the world around you.

Which is right for you?

The only way to tell for sure whether you need CROS or BiCROS hearing aids is with a hearing evaluation administered by a certified professional. While you might think you only have hearing loss in one ear, it might be beneficial to get custom hearing aids in Tacoma, WA that work for both ears. Only your doctor will know for sure, which is why a quick and easy hearing evaluation is such a great idea. Stop by our office today to get a hearing test!

If you need CROS or BiCROS hearing aids, be sure to get them from Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services Inc. We have a huge selection of hearing aid accessories in Tacoma, WA that are guaranteed to improve your life and make your daily routine easier.

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