Oticon Open Sound Navigation vs. Directional Microphone

Reviewed by Dr. Porter on December 2, 2019

The technology used to create hearing aid accessories in Pierce County, WA is impressive. It’s amazing what manufacturers can do with custom hearing aids. One of the most impressive developments is Oticon open sound navigation.

If you’re not familiar with this hearing aid breakthrough, read on. For your next custom hearing aids in Pierce County, WA, you may want to ensure the devices feature this technology, which is far superior to a simple directional microphone.

What is Oticon open sound navigation?

An open sound device completes three lightning-fast steps to process sound as your brain would. This allows wearers to enjoy full, balanced sound in all settings (even noisy environments). Because it functions as the brain does, it provides accurate information to precisely process sound.

How does Oticon open sound navigation work?

Open sound navigation works in three steps. First, it analyzes incoming sound from a 360° radius and determines its position, noise level, characteristics and importance of each sound. Then, it balances these sounds. It leaves background noise in the background where it belongs, and focuses on the main sounds the individual needs to hear. This makes it possible for the person wearing the custom hearing aids in Pierce County, WA to focus their attention on what matters.

The last step is to clean the background noise. Even sound coming from the same direction as the speaker can be filtered out by the brain to allow the listener to focus on the right sound. These steps allow the individual to enjoy balanced hearing even in complex noise environments.

Why choose Oticon open sound navigation?

Directional microphones can improve hearing. However, this method is very basic and does not allow for the complexity of most hearing situations. It simply amplifies the noise coming from the direction in which it is pointed.

Oticon open sound navigation broadens the horizons of the hearing impaired. It removes the conversation bubble and allows you to engage in more than one act of listening at a time. This is quite helpful for group situations and outings, such as restaurants and concerts. The technology allows wearers to enjoy a fuller life, with balanced hearing even in challenging listening settings.

Where can I find Oticon open sound navigation?

If you’d like to test out the capabilities of this life-changing technology, contact the professionals at Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services Inc. Your local audiologist can review your options for custom hearing aids in Pierce County, WA that include these impressive capabilities.

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