Rechargeable Hearing Aids vs. Disposable Batteries

Reviewed by Dr. Porter on November 18, 2019

Modern technology provides a host of options for hearing aid devices in Pierce County, WA. Which hearing aid products in Pierce County, WA are right for you? One of the main differentiators among hearing aids is the power source. Should you choose a rechargeable model or one powered by disposable batteries?

To help you decide which product is right for you, we’ve developed the following guide. Review these pros and cons of each hearing aid device in Pierce County, WA, then contact the experts at Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services Inc. to select the best device for your needs.

Benefits of rechargeable hearing aids

If you purchase rechargeable hearing aid devices in Pierce County, WA, you’ll benefit from the devices’ longevity. Most lithium ion batteries can hold a charge for 30 hours, and they don’t usually need to be replaced for five years. The typical lifespan for disposable batteries is much shorter. These usually need to be replaced every few days.

Rechargeable hearing aids are also safer for kids and pets. The tiny disposable batteries that other devices use pose a choking hazard. They are swallowed by children and pets more often than you might think. Rechargeable units, however, don’t pose this risk.

Changing batteries can also be a hassle. These tiny products (and their packages) are often difficult to handle. With a rechargeable hearing aid, you don’t have to worry about changing the batteries or dropping and losing them when you try to change them.

Lastly, rechargeable hearing aids provide an environmentally friendly option. Consider this: over the next three years, if you use disposable hearing aid batteries, you will throw away more than 300 of them. If you choose rechargeable hearing aids, you will only use two rechargeable batteries during that time.

Benefits of disposable batteries

There are a few benefits to regular battery-powered hearing aid products in Pierce County, WA as well. First, you won’t be dependent on a charging unit. If your battery power is low, you can immediately replace the batteries rather than wait for your unit to recharge.

Secondly, you’ll have more styles to choose from if you opt for batteries. Currently, there are fewer rechargeable hearing aid models on the market than battery styles.

Lastly, disposable hearing aid batteries give you more portability. You won’t have to worry about bringing your charger with you if you travel. You never have to worry about being separated from the device that you need to charge your hearing aids. You can always go to the local drugstore and buy more batteries.

Choose your device

At Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services Inc., we combine excellent customer service with quality products to deliver unparalleled results. We have a professional audiologist on site at all locations, and we carry almost all hearing aid brands. Stop in for assistance with choosing the best model for your hearing and lifestyle needs. We’re available by appointment on nights and weekends, so give us a call today. We look forward to becoming your go-to hearing technology experts for life.

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