The Best Smartphone Hearing Health Apps

Reviewed by Dr. Porter on October 9, 2019

We can do everything on our phones from surfing the internet to depositing checks with mobile banking apps. Another thing our smartphones can do is help with our hearing. There’s a whole market out there dedicated to hearing aid accessories in Pierce County, WA, and a lot of these products are available right on our phones. Continue reading to learn about some of the best smartphone apps for your hearing:

  • Decibel sensor apps: Whether it’s from a loud band, heavy machinery or simply noise from a huge crowd, we’ve all been in a place that seems like it’s just a bit too noisy. Until now, we haven’t really had a personal device that tells us exactly how loud it is. That’s where apps like Sound Meter and Decibel Meter come into play. These apps test the decibels and give you a fast readout of the measurement. If the decibels are too high, we recommend leaving the area, putting in protective earplugs or using noise-canceling headphones or earmuffs.
  • Hearing screening apps: Though a trained audiologist is the only person who will tell you for sure whether or not you have a hearing problem, there are some apps on the market that provide hearing screenings. Sound Check, Test Your Hearing and many others are available for free on the App Store. Keep in mind that these apps aren’t always the most accurate, but they can at least help you determine if it’s time to consult a professional.
  • Amplifier apps: Applications like BioAid and Virtual Amp use sensors to amplify the volume on your headphones if the room you’re in is too loud. These apps are great for people who may initially be resistant to the thought of getting custom hearing aids in Pierce County, WA. If you find yourself relying on these apps, it’s a good sign that you need to go to the doctor to have your hearing checked.
  • Hearing aid controller apps: The days of fiddling with your hearing aids to adjust the volume are behind us thanks to apps made by hearing aid manufacturers! You can now turn the volume up or down with the touch of a button right on your phone. Check with your hearing aid manufacturer to see which apps they have on the market.

Do you need a hearing test?

No matter how many smartphone apps you download, they may not be able to save or help your hearing to the extent you need. As mentioned above, the only way to tell for sure whether or not you have a hearing problem or need hearing aids is to come in and see a doctor. Luckily for you, we provide hearing screenings and can also get you fitted for some new hearing aids.

Whether you need hearing aids or hearing aid accessories in Pierce County, WA, be sure to come to Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services Inc. to get them. We have a wide selection of hearing aids made by the best brands in the industry, and at very competitive prices. Give us a call today to set up an appointment with one of our doctors.

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