Hearing Aid or Accessory? The New Look of Hearing Aid Devices

Reviewed by Dr. Porter on July 31, 2019

Hearing aids used to be big, bulky and noticeable by everyone who saw someone wearing them, which unfortunately caused many people to be embarrassed or reluctant to wear them. This was a sad situation, because hearing aid accessories in Pierce County, WA can greatly improve the quality of life of those wearing them. However, with new innovations to the size and style of hearing aids, even those who would prefer not to be seen with custom hearing aids in Pierce County, WA will be able to wear these guilt-free, and may even enjoy showing them off! Check out these brands and styles to see what looks are available now:

  • Silk Nx: Silk Nx hearing aid accessories in Pierce County, WA were developed by Signia and are the smallest hearing aids on the market today. In fact, they are 20 percent smaller than any other hearing aid on the market and are nearly undetectable. Plus, they use a silicone sleeve, which fits comfortably in the ear without custom fitting.
  • Mirage IIC: Mirage IIC by Miracle ear is another hearing aid that is unbelievably small. Miracle Ear is one of the oldest and best-known hearing aid brands on the market today. They also feature technology like GENIUS noise reduction and speech recognition.
  • HearRings: Custom hearing aids in Pierce County, WA don’t have to be small if they’re stylish! HearRings turn unsightly hearing aids into an accessory. They are made with Swarovski crystal and come in many colors. They look like petite ear jewelry that anyone would want to show off.
  • SoundsGood: SoundsGood hearing aids take the sound waves that enter your ear and turn them into a dynamic graphic. Not only is this a cool visual feature, but it allows the user to see the sound! SoundsGood offers custom hearing aids in Pierce County, WA that are available in multiple styles and fits.
  • Wireless earbuds: In addition to cool accessories that are small or stylish, there are many more products that incorporate features for the hearing impaired. Wireless earbuds can now be custom made for those with hearing loss, and can help those who regularly wear hearing aids to more clearly hear their music and other entertainment through their earbuds. With features like Bluetooth connectivity, connected apps for controlling settings and sounds and the ability to amplify select sounds, collaborative technologies are breaking ground in the world of hearing devices.

With the new advances in size and style for custom hearing aids in Pierce County, WA, hearing aid products have never been better or more accessible than they are now. If you’re looking for hearing solutions, come by one of the four locations of Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services Inc. We have professional audiologists on site at all our locations and carry almost all hearing aid brands, so whatever cool innovation you’ve heard about and are interested in, we can likely get it for you. Get help today with experiencing the latest innovations in hearing aid devices in Pierce County, WA!

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