Connecting Innovative Technology with Your Hearing Aids

Reviewed by Dr. Porter on July 17, 2019

In today’s technology explosion, innovations are impacting every industry—and there are few more impactful industries than medicine. Innovations in hearing aid products in Pierce County, WA are making those who have hearing troubles able to enjoy better quality of life and making improved hearing more accessible for everyone. If you’re interested in hearing aid devices in Pierce County, WA, read on to see how technological innovations are transforming the solutions available:

  • Sound synchrony: Older hearing aids operated individually and separately from each other. Hearing aids today have a binaural capability, which means they are connected by a wireless signal to each other. In other words, when one hearing aid is adjusted, the other is adjusted as well.
  • Size and style: Technology greatly impacts the size of hearing aid devices in Pierce County, WA. While hearing aids were once largely noticeable on anyone wearing them, they’re now becoming smaller and smaller. Plus, they can be made to suit the individual wearing them and made to specific sizes and shapes for comfort. Many hearing aids are even designed to look like earphones or small earrings.
  • Smart features and apps: Technology is especially noticeable when it comes to the smart capabilities and app connectivity found in today’s hearing aid products in Pierce County, WA. Amplifier apps use microphones in hearing aids to amplify outside sounds, which can decrease background noise and make it easier to hear the sounds being targeted. Controller apps help adjust the settings on hearing aid devices in Pierce County, WA, making it much easier to get them to the precise specifications desired. Many are also able to connect to Bluetooth, making it easy to stream entertainment directly from other smart devices to the hearing aids.
  • Charging: The charging capabilities on hearing aid products in Pierce County, WA are also being improved. They once had to be filled with disposable batteries. Now they can be placed in a charging pod for a short period of time, making it much easier to ensure they’ll work when you need them.
  • Wireless earbuds: Not only has technology impacted medicine and entertainment separately, but it’s even creating collaborative technologies that harness both. For one thing, there are now wireless earbuds for those who are hard of hearing. These earbuds not only improve hearing ability to the desired entertainment, but they also work together with many technologies like fitness tracking, voice assistant programs and more. They also have a noise-canceling feature, making it even easier to hear.

Advances in technology and creative innovations are making hearing aid products in Pierce County, WA more accessible and attractive to everyone. If you’re looking for hearing solutions, come by one of the four locations of Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services Inc. We have professional audiologists on site at all our locations and carry almost all hearing aid brands, so whatever cool innovation you’ve heard about and are interested in, we can likely provide it to you. Get help today and experience the innovations in hearing aid devices in Pierce County, WA!

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