Signs Your Hearing Aids Need Repair

Reviewed by Dr. Porter on March 28, 2019

Hearing aids can seem to work magic for those who use them, and if you take care of them properly, they should last a long time. However, they are delicate machines that do need some careful attention at times. You can often employ some quick fixes at home for issues, but at other times you will likely need to visit an audiologist to repair your hearing aids.

Do you think you may need hearing aid repair in Pierce County, WA? If so, read on to find out more information on issues that might require repair:

  • Volume problems: If you notice that everything sounds muffled even if you turn the volume up all the way, it’s probably an issue with your tubing. The tubing can easily get plugged up with condensation or earwax, which will affect the sound. Though some people can replace the tubing themselves, you can also stop by an audiologist’s office for a quick fix.
  • It whistles while it works: Though the seven dwarves loved to whistle in the Disney version of the story, a constant whistling sound in your ears can be incredibly annoying. If you have this problem, it might be that the earpiece is placed incorrectly. One way to check is to take the piece out and then replace it really carefully. You also might have a problem with earwax, so while the earpiece is out you can gently use an ear cleaner in your ear canals. Remember, though, to avoid cotton swabs, which push wax further into your ears.
  • Your device seems “dead”: If your hearing aid simply stops working, you might have a battery problem. Always start by trying to change the batteries and using the hearing aid again. If this doesn’t work, your next stop should be to check on the tubing, which again might be clogged and need to be replaced. If neither of these solutions works, head to an audiologist so they can check your device.
  • Your hearing comes and goes: As with a device that seems to be dead, intermittent functioning is often related to a battery issue. Start again by changing your battery so you can see if that’s the problem, and head to an audiologist if it doesn’t do the trick.
  • Your hearing is worsening: If your hearing seems to be worsening even though your hearing aid previously worked, it might be that you need to readjust the hearing aid by reprogramming it, or to replace it with a more robust model. This is something you’ll want to do with help from a professional.

If you experience any of the problems above, you would probably benefit from hearing aid repair in Pierce County, WA. The best audiologists around are at Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services Inc. With four locations in Washington, all staffed with exceptional experts in the business, you can rest assured that you’ll get the help you need.

We’ve become the region’s leader in hearing aid products and services because of our commitment to making customers happy. Call today to make an appointment!

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