How to Know When You Need Hearing Aids in Pierce County, WA

Reviewed by Dr. Porter on December 20, 2018

Few people like to admit that their hearing has degraded to the point where they need hearing aids in Pierce County, WA, but for people who are suffering from hearing loss, it will likely reach a point where you need to be honest with yourself and take the steps necessary to improve your hearing. Using hearing aids in Pierce County, WA is nothing to be ashamed of—millions of Americans are currently using hearing aids of various types on a daily basis to great effect. And with the advances in the technology of the equipment, it’s also become easier than ever to find hearing aids that you can barely see while they’re in use.

So how do you know if it’s finally time to bite the bullet and visit an audiologist to get fitted for hearing aids? It really depends on the degree of hearing loss you’re experiencing.

Here are a few of the early warning signs and changes in your own behavior that might indicate you’re suffering from progressive hearing loss and will need a hearing aid sooner rather than later:

  • You frequently have to ask other people around you what they said.
  • You generally prefer to have the volume on the television or radio set louder than other people, and they often ask you to turn down the volume.
  • You have difficulty understanding what’s being said when you’re at the theater, movies, church or other public areas where there’s a lot of sound floating around.
  • You have difficulty understanding people when you’re in group conversations.
  • You find yourself frequently complaining that other people around you are mumbling.
  • You have a hard time hearing what’s being said when you’re on the telephone.
  • You have a hard time understanding people if you’re not watching their face while they’re talking, or if they’re speaking a little softer than average.
  • You start to get anxious about social gatherings and noisy environments because you are worried you will not be able to understand what people are saying, or that you will be embarrassed somehow.
  • You start to avoid being the person to start a conversation because you’re worried that you’re going to have to strain to hear, or ask the person you’re talking with to repeat what they’re saying.

The lack of understanding is a symptom that often surprises people. People expect hearing loss to just be an inability to hear what’s being said, but some people are still capable of hearing without understanding, perhaps due to some low- or high-pitched sounds getting jumbled in their earways and brains.

Any time these types of problems occur, it’s time to see a hearing specialist and discuss both the possibility that you’re suffering from hearing loss and that it’s potentially time for you to start using hearing aids. If you’re looking for more information about hearing aids in Pierce County, WA, we encourage you to contact Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services Inc. today and we’ll be happy to tell you more about the options we have available.

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