Check Out Oticon’s Custom Hearing Aids in Pierce County, WA

Reviewed by Dr. Porter on December 20, 2018

Our top supplier of hearing aids is Oticon, which is one of the most respected hearing aid manufacturers in the world. The company recently put out a brand-new product for people in need of customhearing devices. In addition to all the usual benefits, bells and whistles, this product is nearly invisible and completely rechargeable for your convenience.What exactly makes custom hearing aids in Pierce County, WA so beneficial? Here’s a quick overview:

  • Easy to put in and take out:
    Hearing aids that do not come with a custom-molded shell generally aren’t going to be as easy to take out or put in. They are made with more of a “one size fits all” sort of focus, and therefore cannot account for any irregularities you may have in your ear. For example, you might have a larger ear canal opening than most people, or a different sort of shape to your outer ear. This is one of the biggest benefits associated with custom hearing aids—you can be certain that yours is going to be a perfect fit for you, no matter what type of ear structure you have.
  • You won’t be as likely to lose it:
    Hearing aids that don’t fit well are more likely to fall out of the ear and onto the ground, where they are susceptible to being stepped on and broken, or at least getting lost. Custom hearing aids are designed to fit in your ears perfectly and snugly so you don’t have to worry about them coming out against your wishes.
  • You can get some more discrete varieties:
    We get it—you probably don’t want to go around advertising the fact that you have hearing aids, which means the big, obvious appearance of outer-ear hearing aids designed for broader usage probably isn’t going to be ideal for you. While the fit of a custom hearing aid is its primary benefit, another added benefit is that they can be designed to be small and very discreet. This means you don’t have to worry about being self-conscious while out in public, or feeling embarrassed about your appearance. Instead, you can conduct yourself confidently and enjoy your time out and about.
  • Improve your hearing:
    Of course, this is a benefit associated with all hearing aids. But for some people who are especially hesitant to wear hearing aids because they are worried about their appearance or about being self-conscious while wearing them, they may be less likely to actually seek out the help they need from hearing devices. We already talked about the benefit of how discreet custom hearing aids can be, but for people who might not otherwise wear hearing aids if they are too obtrusive, this means a difference between being able to hear and not being able to hear.

If you’re interested in learning more about the types of Oticon hearing aids we sell or the benefits of custom hearing aids in Pierce County, WA, we encourage you to contact Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services Inc.today with your questions.

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