Traveling with Hearing Loss

If you’re planning a vacation, don’t let hearing loss get in the way of having a fun and relaxing trip.

Acknowledge Hearing Loss

When making travel arrangements, let the hotel, airline, and car rental companies know you have hearing loss. This allows them to prepare information for you in writing if necessary. It’s also important to let the TSA agents know about your hearing devices because you do not need to remove hearing aids.

Get Travel Alerts via Text Messages

If you are flying, sign up to have flight delays or gate changes sent to you via text instead of phone calls.

Find Hearing Accessible Activities

Many tours offer assisted listening devices, so you have any easier time hearing your tour guide. A number of theaters are also becoming equipped with Hearing Loop technology to help those with hearing devices hear the performance easier.

Be Prepared

Keep all necessary items for your hearing aids with you. If you’re flying, do not pack them in a checked bag. Always have extra batteries on hand, as well as a dehumidifier. Consider bringing a tablet/iPad with movies installed on it since very few airlines provide closed captioning for onboard entertainment.

Don’t let hearing loss interfere with your vacation. Contact our Gig Harbor location at (253) 203-6641, Tacoma location at (253) 617-7160 or Silverdale at 360-692-6655 or fill out our contact form for more information.

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