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Don’t Miss the Sounds of Winter

Reviewed by Dr. Porter on October 24, 2018

Winter is here! A joyous time of year with holiday gatherings, snowball fights and curling up on the sofa with a good book and hot chocolate.

The sounds of season are everywhere: from the snow crunching under your feet, to the children’s choirs at the mall, and the silver bells on holiday wreaths. These are the nostalgic sounds that many look forward to every year. However, if you have hearing loss, you may be missing these festive sounds.

As the holidays come and go, and winter carries on, see if you can hear these joyous sounds. If not, come in to Harbor Audiology for a hearing test. Our staff can evaluate your hearing and determine if hearing devices are right for you.

To schedule an appointment, call 253-292-6000 or send us a message.

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