February 24, 2024

"A few years ago I ended up doing a lot of research about hearing loss, and while I'm not close to being a professional in the field, I do know a fair amount more anout the subject than your average layperson.__Short version. By the time I was 30 minutes into the appointment I decided that Zoe is my new audiologist.__Longer version.__Zoe is fantastic! I was blown away when she performed a QuickSIN test. The test is a recognized best practice, yet few providers perform the test. When I go back for my fitting she'll be using real ear measurement equipment, another best practice that is not as common as it should be.__Professional excellence goes beyond technical knowledge and prowess. It includes excellent communication skills, being an educator, being caring and compassionate, and possessing a presence that evokes comfort and happiness.__Zoe checks all the boxes and then some. If you don't believe me, ask the couple with the big smiles who came out right before my appointment, and the guy with the big smile waiting to see Zoe when my appointment was over."
February 24, 2024

"Jamie is a very knowledgeable, patient, and kind audiologist. Front desk and staff are great and efficient as well. Highly recommend Harbor Audiology Tacoma for anyone in need of hearing care / services!"
February 23, 2024

"The audiologist and her staff were helpful and knowledgeable. I learned a great deal that I didn’t know and that’s amazing considering the number of hearing aids I have had over the years and the number of audiologists I’ve seen. I left the clinic hearing better than I have in a very long time!"
February 23, 2024

"Friendly, informative, and personable. 6/5 stars!"
February 21, 2024

"Very professional.. friendly and helpful staff! Dr. Martinez was very efficient and thorough. Highly recommended! This was at the Sequim location."
February 17, 2024

"Staff was ready at the time of my appointment and Sheri made sure to go everything before I left the office and allowed plenty of opportunities to ask questions along the way"
Harbor Audiology