November 11, 2020

"From the first phone call with the admin assistant to the hearing specialist it was a very comfortable, relaxing and informative visit. Thank you Rhonda for taking the time to answer all my questions today."
November 10, 2020

"Really nice staff and COVID precautions."
October 26, 2020

"As always, the staff was pleasant and quick. Very little wait time and thorough performing the exam."
October 23, 2020

"Everyone was very nice very helpful I would highly recommend them very excited for the new location."
October 14, 2020

"Recently the Veterans Association agreed to send me for hearing testing. Your establishment was the selection they made for me. This proved to be a blessing; as being prior tested by Kaiser took forever and then was treated as a problem by them. This was not the case with your office. Upon entering I was thanked for coming and unlike Kaiser was not told to go back to my car and wait. Besides the cordial greeting, not being sent back to my car, I was seen by the doctor earlier than my appointment time. When questioned about my hearing problem was not interrupted but allowed to say what my hearing was difficult to me; not being told as was with Kaiser that I couldn't have a problem as I complained. She listened and then did the test. With testing, I was not rushed but allowed to answer sound requests as could hear the pitches or not. My problem with hearing started in the Navy from cannon fire (five-inch guns) and rifle practice without hearing protection...Even though Kaiser did say I needed hearing aids, I was to go and find an outlet for them and get my own. Coming to your business all was handled in one place. I know the VA still needs to approve for hearing aids; at least now I know where to go and the best aid for me. Not only tested without a hassle, told what my problem with hearing is, but an honest statement as to the probability of a resolve for hearing aids. Treatment of this nature cannot be bought or sold. Praise is earned second to the treatment one receives from you and your group. I couldn't be happier with my care so far. I hope the VA allows further care from your business. To people I know needing hearing testing not belonging to the VA; I've suggested they see their doctors and get a referral to you as you treat not only the hearing problem, but the person with it. THANKS!"
October 12, 2020

"Everything was perfect, professional, and efficient. I was irritated when they solicited this review, I rated the experience as "good," but then I was sent here to complete my review. I declined the first time, and was then sent several reminders to complete my review! Not user-friendly."
Harbor Audiology