July 14, 2022

"They had a welcoming and approachable staff. On top of that, the service provided was excellent and helpful."
July 13, 2022

"I can't stress enough what a knowledgable and professional practice this is. Every interaction has been exceptional...right down to my having trouble pairing my aids with a new phone. I walked in and the problem was solved in 5 minutes!"
July 7, 2022

"Very good customer service and courteous to everyone who comes in"
July 5, 2022

"Harbor Audiology gave me exceptional customer service and care. Five years ago, another audiologist told me that I was too young for hearing aids in my 20s. Now in my 30s, the hearing loss is still there and presented daily challenges. The audiologist was patient with me and not pushy about the sale as I fired off questions. The clerical staff were amazing and swift about scheduling, sharing their own experiences through the process, and even gave me tech support at one point. Harbor Audiology truly changed my everyday life."
July 3, 2022

"Friendly and very professional in every way."
July 1, 2022

"Awesome! Pleasant, relaxing, competent, and caring. I’m 66 and hadn’t had a hearing test in forever but my tinnitus drove me here. I needed hearing aids and she put them in and the tinnitus left.i understand not everyone has that result but I’m relieved and thrilled. So is my husband lol!"
Harbor Audiology