August 22, 2022

"Very positive experience. Will certainly trust them with all my hearing needs. The whole staff is professional as well as personable. Hearing aids with soft inserts are so comfortable compared to the hard inserts I've worn for years. These aids feel so light that I don't race home to take them out. They are easy to wear all day long actually."
August 19, 2022

"The staff both personable and professional, explained each step of the testing process in detail, and made sure that I was as comfortable as possible throughout the process. It was a very positive experience."
August 8, 2022

"Great customer care with details on how to live with hearing aids."
August 4, 2022

"Great customer service"
July 31, 2022

"Excellent care. Professional!"
July 29, 2022

"Dr. Porter was very helpful and checked my hearing and re programed my aids. They are wonderful now."
Harbor Audiology