February 4, 2023

"I excorted my mom to her consult with one of the audiologist at this clinic. The physician we saw put us at ease and answered all questions in laminems terms. Clearly explained the whole process for my mom to get a dual pair hearing device. This is the only option for my mom that is non surgical. My mom isn't eligible for the cochlear implant because during her brain tumor resection, the surgeon severed the hearing nerve in surgery. However, there is a surgical option for my mom, but after consulting with the doctor, my mom felt more comfortable going for the device first. This clinic, in our experience, definitely takes care of their patient and are looking out for the patient best interest. They will work with you and figure out a personal care plan for all individual needs."
February 3, 2023

"Office was very friendly and efficient. The Audiologist was exceptional, took the time to fully explain and compare hearing aids. I have not received my aids yet but am fully satisfied with the service."
January 20, 2023

"Enjoyable experience."
January 19, 2023

"Very professional. I was pleased with my experience . They are very thorough."
January 16, 2023

"Excellent, friendly staff offering quality service. Yeah, probably you can find hearing aids less expensive, but when you need these folks they are there - and you never feel like you're too much trouble."
January 10, 2023

"Very professional Doctor and staff"
Harbor Audiology