March 29, 2024

"Professional care and treatment. Recommend their services."
March 29, 2024

"Thorough exam and “tune up “ of hearing aids. Dr. Bands solved my email problem by removing it entirely and then recentering it."
March 28, 2024

"They give a very detailed hearing test. I have felt for sometime my old hearing aids had a problem. She proved it. Ken R."
March 28, 2024

"Very detailed and thorough exam. The Doctor provided an informative graph of the results. The visit was also nostalgic. Reminded me of my childhood and the mobile hearing programs that would arrive at our school."
March 25, 2024

"All parts of the procedure were explained very thoroughly. I was anxious prior to the procedure and left relaxed!"
March 22, 2024

"Great experience with Zoe. It was very easy and well explained. I would go here again._10/10"
Harbor Audiology