Evaluation for Hearing Aids

If you suspect you have hearing loss, your first step is to schedule an audiological evaluation and hearing aid evaluation with Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services. With many offices in the Puget Sound area, there’s one close to you.

During the evaluation, the audiologist will test the function of your ears to determine if you have hearing loss. If you have hearing loss or suffer from tinnitus, hearing aids may be the solution to your problem.

Selecting the right hearing aid

Your test results will be interpreted by the audiologist and reviewed with you. If the assessment indicates that you have permanent hearing loss, the audiologist may recommend hearing aids.

During the review, the audiologists at Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services will explain the pitches and frequencies that are difficult for you to hear and how hearing aids can improve this experience.

You’ll be shown different hearing aids and even have a chance to wear a hearing aid to see how modern, discreet technology can improve your quality of life.

Matching your needs to today’s technology

The audiologists at Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services keep up with the rapidly changing hearing aid market. They know the latest technology and are experts at matching hearing needs with a patient’s lifestyle, budget, cosmetic concerns and any limitations such as dexterity.

You’ll receive an expert match because we take the time to listen to your lifestyle needs, hobbies and even how you feel about wearing hearing aids.

There’s no pressure and the final decision is yours. Our job is to guide you to the features and styles that will be the best match for your needs.

Ordering your hearing aids

We keep many hearing aid models in stock at all of our offices. This means very little turnaround time and you hearing your best faster than ever! If your hearing aids need to be ordered from the manufacturer, we will request them with your prescription pre-programmed. This process typically takes less than 2 weeks. 

If the hearing aid style you select requires an earmold, you’ll have an impression made of your ears. This is a painless process and only takes a few minutes and is necessary for hearing aids that fit in the ear or for behind-the-ear devices that use an earmold.

Hearing aid fitting

During the fitting process, your devices will be fine-tuned until they deliver sound the way you want to hear it. Hearing is highly personal, and the fitting process ensures your hearing aids let you hear comfortably and effortlessly. During the fitting process, you’ll learn to insert and remove your hearing aids, change or charge the batteries, perform basic maintenance and be given instructions for adjusting to your hearing aids. Like wearing glasses, wearing hearing aids requires a small adjustment period.