Guide to Hearing Aids

Download our consumer’s guide to hearing aids and make informed decisions on the purchase of your next hearing aid device.

Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing aid technology is available in many different styles. Some styles are worn behind the ear, and others are worn in the outer bowl of the ear, in the canal or deep in the canal. The size and style of your hearing aid are determining factors in battery life and performance longevity.

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Never miss a word of a phone conversation again. Replace your house phone with a CaptionCall captioning telephone. Read captions of every call in real-time on a large, easy-to-read screen.

manufacturer lyric

Lyric Hearing Products

Lyric is the first disposable hearing aid. The audiologist at Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services inserts the device, and it stays in place until time for a replacement. Waterproof, and you never worry about changing batteries again.

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Unitron Hearing Aids

Smart hearing solutions that get to the heart of every conversation. Transformative hearing experiences from leaders in digital hearing technology.

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Phonak Hearing Products

Hear sound naturally with Phonak hearing products. Understand speech better, even in the most challenging situations with hearing technology from Phonak.

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Starkey Hearing Aids

American-made hearing aids from the most trusted name in hearing technology. Starkey hearing solutions lead the way in new product design and features.

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Oticon Hearing Products

Oticon hearing solutions are designed to help you get more out of life with better hearing. They offer a solution for every hearing need.

Earwax Removal

Ears produce cerumen (wax) to naturally protect delicate canals and structures. But if earwax builds up, it can affect hearing, prevent hearing aids from fitting properly and be painful. Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services painlessly and quickly removed hard and impacted earwax.