Hearing Aid Batteries

Every hearing aid needs a battery. No matter the brand or style of hearing aid, without a battery, the hearing aid is useless. Whether you use replaceable or rechargeable batteries, Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services provides the batteries you need.

Replaceable batteries

The most common source of power for modern hearing aids is the replaceable battery. This battery can last from three to 20 days, depending on battery size, the hours the hearing aid is worn and the type and number of functions you use.

This battery style creates an electric charge by combining zinc with the oxygen in the air. Before you place a new battery in your hearing aid, remove the safety strip and expose the battery to the air for a few minutes. This ensures you get the most battery life from each battery.

Shopping for replaceable batteries is easy. Just pop in our offices in the Gig Harbor, Port Angeles, Sequim, Silverdale, Bainbridge and Tacoma area and pick up your batteries. We always have fresh batteries on hand.

Replaceable battery sizes

All hearing aid brands use the same type of batteries. Hearing aid batteries are identified by a number and color. Here are the most common:

  • Blue: Number 675
  • Orange: Number 13
  • Brown: Number 312
  • Yellow: Number 10

Many hearing aids create a beeping or chirping sound as an alert that your battery level is low. Hearing aids paired with a smartphone app will send a message through the app that it’s time to change hearing aid batteries.

Rechargeable batteries

More and more people are opting for the convenience of hearing aids powered by rechargeable batteries. These devices recharge in a docking station that doubles as a hearing aid storage case.

To recharge, simply place the hearing aids in their charging case. The battery and recharging process is similar to that used by your cell phone.

Rechargeable batteries are a great option if dexterity or vision issues make it difficult for you to manipulate small objects like hearing aid batteries and the battery door on the hearing aid case.

When it’s time to replace the rechargeable battery, come stop by our offices and the trained staff at Harbor Audiology & Hearing Services can remove the old battery and install a new one.